Can you be my baby's PCP?

Yes! (Unless you already have one.) If you want all of your 4th Trimester care in the same place, here it is! The catch is that patients will need to find their forever pediatrician in time for their 2 month visit. Most pediatricians have a wide scope of practice, Woven Pediatrics scope is narrow: focus is on the first days and weeks of life. If you already have a pediatrician but would like to come for extra support (lactation, sleep, groups), that's cool! You'll need a referral from your pediatrician. I can help with medical issues other than breastfeeding while you're here.

What is "holding space?"

It's physical space, time and listening. "Regular" pediatrics does not hold space because the system does not support it. (Appointments are booked for TEN MINUTES!) Woven Pediatrics is a great place for deep conversations on feeding, sleep and parenting. Most appointments here are 90 minutes.

I don't have MyChart. How do I schedule?

Call me! 303-993-7976. Leave a message - I'll be in touch to get you scheduled.

Do you do home visits?

No. I have a welcoming office that feels like home. There are no distractions, and that is the best way to learn breastfeeding. I stock all kinds of helpful tools (very precise baby scales, nipple assists, a pump, and more) to get your baby nursing!

My baby is in the NICU, when can you see us?

Now and after discharge! Premies can learn to breastfeed as they get closer to their due date. Woven Pediatrics or the NICU staff can help you collect milk to feed your baby. There will be a lot of pumping in the beginning, but hopefully you and your baby can go on to nurse for a long time.

Can you summarize your philosophy on sleep in a nutshell?

Learning to sleep at Woven Pediatrics falls somewhere between Cry-It-Out and Co-Sleeping. Healthy routines and healthy relationships during the day lead to healthy bedtimes and healthy sleep at night. And a longer answer: Learning to sleep at Woven Pediatrics is gentle and very hands-on. Supporting good infant mental health means recognizing an infant's cues and responding to them appropriately. Babies cannot self soothe for MANY YEARS without the coregulation of an adult. Caretaker presence is very important in learning to sleep. Most families that seek help with sleep at Woven Pediatrics are working away from a contact nap and bed-sharing relationship. These are normal practices, but they don't work for every family. If your sleeping arrangement is working for everyone in your home - great, you probably do not need a visit! If everyone is tired, please get some help as soon as possible.

Can you reconcile breastfeeding and feminism?

Hmmm... Good question. It's one I think about a lot - obviously, I made up these questions!! I am 100% supportive of any woman who does not want to breastfeed. But I'm 100% supportive of anybody who wants to breastfeed, and I'm here to help. Choice is super important. Reconciling breastfeeding with feminism and everything else is why Woven Pediatrics is here.

Are there pictures of cows in your office?

Just one. It's on a pillow. Couldn't resist.

How do I set myself up for breastfeeding success?

Take a prenatal class. Click the link below for some great advice at Droplet - the videos are excellent. Please put your baby skin-to-skin and feed in the first hour of life. Baby friendly hospitals will facilitate this. The Golden Hour can make all the difference.

Get help in the first few days of life. Woven Pediatrics would love to meet you and your baby/babies.

Will you bill my insurance?

Yes, both the chest-feeding parent and the baby will be seen as patients at most visits, and I will collect insurance information from both. Your individual plan will determine what is your copay and what is covered. Click the link on the left for more info.

Is your office Baby Friendly?

Yes! Of course! I try to have donor milk on hand at all times, thanks to the Mother's Milk Bank. We'll talk about formula and pacifiers and when to use them. I do have formula in my office, but I bought all of it. No formula companies are allowed to give me freebies!

I'm a trans-mom, can you help me?

I hope so! Please call! Click the link on the left for info on Inclusion.