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Donor Milk

Woven Pediatrics encourages supplementing with donor milk, if necessary. Donor Milk is available for purchase at Woven Pediatrics in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Stephanie Dunn is a pediatrician and IBCLC who can help you decide if Donor Milk is an option for your family.

If you need donor milk, you need a lactation consult - call Woven Pediatrics as soon as possible.




A few useful items you might be needing...

Donor Milk

Donor Milk is available for purchase. The milk comes from the Mother's Milk Bank which is operated by the Rocky Mountain Children's Foundation. We are so lucky to have some generous moms who donate the breastmilk they don't need. Some of the immune properties are lost in the pasteurization process, but Donor Milk is still considered better for baby than formula.

Because every drop is precious, Dr. Stephanie typically only sells 4oz to families at a time. She considers donor milk to be a bridge to breastfeeding, not a long-term plan. You must be a Woven Pediatrics patient in order to get milk.

EvenFlo Balance+ Wide Bottles

Woven Pediatrics has these for purchase. For babies needing supplementation, wide nipples help babies learn to latch with a wide mouth.

Lactation Hub Flange Inserts

90% of the time, the pump fits too big. Flange inserts help moms size down!! We can get you measured in a prenatal consult or in the office. Size 13-18 available for purchase.

Freebies depending on what's in stock...

Shields, pacis, creams, pads, etc.