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Lactation Support

Dr. Stephanie Dunn is one of Denver, Colorado's only IBCLCs who also happens to be a pediatrician. Woven Pediatrics offers lactation consults with a physician level of care. The lactating caregiver is a patient, and the baby is a patient too, and the breastfeeding relationship is the focus. 

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There are so many threads woven into a chestfeeding experience:

What's an IBCLC? 

International Board Certified Lactation Consult. Many pediatricians have fewer than 10 hours of breastfeeding education. And many IBCLCs do not have a background in healthcare. At Woven Pediatrics, Dr. Stephanie Dunn is your primary (only!) contact, and she is both an IBCLC and a pediatrician.

When do I reach out for help during my breastfeeding journey?

Breastfeeding is different for everyone. It can be a challenge in the first hour of life or maybe as the milk comes in or maybe further down the road. You're welcome to ask for help at any point.

Is my baby growing?

Pediatricians can evaluate a baby's growth better than a person who is ONLY trained in lactation. Woven Pediatrics is on PedsConnect, so all the growth points are visible to the team.

Am I making enough milk? Do I have low supply?

Low supply: 100% of breastfeeding parents wonder about this! How are you producing? Do you need to stress the supply-demand system a little more? Are you constantly feeling engorged? IBCLCs can evaluate mom's supply better than a general pediatrician. Some women need their hormone levels checked, but that can only be done by a provider. At Woven Pediatrics, patients meet with an IBCLC who is also a doctor.

Is my latch deep enough? What position is best? 

Almost all dyads need some help with their breastfeeding positioning. The baby's latch is evaluated, and all Woven babies are checked for tongue tie. Dr. Stephanie loves to teach side-lying breastfeeding in the office.

OMG, what is up with the pumping?

This can be an adventure on its own! Your pump needs to fit like a bra needs to fit. Do you need to pump? Yes. No. Maybe sometimes. Let's talk about it!

Can I breastfeed and take this medication safely?

As a PMH-C (Perinatal Mental Health - Certified) prescriber of medication, Dr. Stephanie is the rare lactation professional that can make sure that mom is on the medication that she needs! 

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