Prenatal Lactation Consults

Board Certified Pediatrician & IBCLC located in Denver, CO

Prenatal Lactation Consults

Prenatal lactation consultations are like personalized breastfeeding classes. Lactation is a major undertaking for your psyche, your body, your social life and your relationships! Your preperation and expectations are important for childbirth, but even more important for breastfeeding. Dr. Stephanie Dunn is a pediatrician and IBCLC, and Woven Pediatrics offers telehealth prenatal lactation consults.

Do not wait until the baby comes! Book online - patients must be in Colorado.


Prepare yourself!! (And your partner is welcome too.)


32-36 weeks is the best time to schedule a prenatal consult.


Telehealth. Your insurance company might offer a video class and count it toward your lactation benefits. Better to meet with a physician and talk about YOU.


Dr. Stephanie will ask questions about your medical history, fertility, and pregnancy - this helps identify risk factors for a difficult lactation experience. You'll learn what to expect in the hospital. (The jargon! So many medical terms!) Dr. Stephanie tries not to make this overwhelming: you'll learn her 3 mantras for getting breastfeeding started.


The benefits of undergoing prenatal lactation consults include:

  • Easier breastfeeding 
  • Higher chance of breastfeeding success
  • Improvements in mom/baby bonding
  • Less anxiety about breastfeeding
  • Peace of mind
  • Healthy milk supply
  • Options for using donor milk if necessary

Please schedule a telemedicine visit for your prenatal lactation consult!