Complete 4th Trimester Care for Newborns

Board Certified Pediatrician & IBCLC located in Denver, CO

Newborn Pediatric Care

Dr. Stephanie Dunn is a pediatrician, and a lactation consultant, and a mom! She knows the ups and downs of those first few weeks as well as anyone. Woven Pediatrics (in Denver, Colorado) offers a comprehensive 4th trimester experience - the best way to get your newborn off to a good start.

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How is 4th Trimester Care different?

4th Trimester Care recognizes that the birthing parent (mama!) needs attention too. A typical pediatrician will ignore what is going on with mom because she's not a patient. BUT, the breastfeeding relationship, the family dynamic, the emotional well being of the newborn all depend on mom's health, so it shouldn't be left out of the equation.

Denver is lucky to have Woven Pediatrics - where mom gets care, baby gets care, and all the interactions are with the physician herself.

What are the elements of a 4th Trimester Care appointment?

Pediatric well care:

Health of the baby is first and foremost at Woven Pediatrics. Dr. Stephanie has over 15 years of experience as a pediatrician. Well care and sick visits are available for the first 60 days of a baby's life. 


Who was the birth parent before? Tell me! BUT, let's also manage everyone's expectations about "bouncing back" to that same person. Moms are different than they were - it's a MAJOR transition.


Every breastfeeding dyad is going to need help. There is lactation in the first hour after birth. There is lactation as milk starts to come in. Then there is lactation at 2 weeks and beyond. Get help at every stage. 

Sleep & Mental Health:

Sleep is so important for recovery and growth, and for sound mental health. But how does anyone sleep with a newborn? 4th Trimester care acknowledges how difficult this can be. 

Time and Understanding:

Woven pediatric newborn visits are scheduled for 90 minutes. You need at LEAST that much time to evaluate baby, talk to the birthing parent and observe a feeding. (Though a "regular pediatrician" sees patients in 20 - 30 minutes.)

What should a 4th Trimester family expect?

3-5 Day Visit Your baby's first check-up and a breastfeeding consult.

5-7 Day Visit The milk is coming!! This visit is mostly about breastfeeding.

2 Week Visit Another check-up. Breastfeeding assessment as needed.

1 Month Visit The ball is rolling - we can troubleshoot and plan at this visit.